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Before you consider hiring a forklift with attachments, you should first determine exactly what it is that you need. You will save money and time, and avoid any potential problems with a little strategic planning and some careful forethought. The main things you need to consider are the weight capacity of the forklift, its lift height, and which attachments you will need to do the work required.

The average forklift has a weight capacity of around 5,000 pounds, which is just over two and a quarter metric tonnes. This is adequate for most tasks, but hire one with more weight capacity if your requirements are greater. Always give yourself a good safety margin. The maximum safe lift height is important too, so be sure that the forklift you hire is capable of adequately meeting your needs in this regard.

Other considerations include where the forklift will be operated. If it is in a warehouse, for example, make sure the forklift can operate easily within the minimum aisle width, and that its turning radius allows it to manoeuvre safely. The type of tyres on the forklift will also be important, as you will have different requirements on a construction site, for example, to what is appropriate for a warehouse.

You should also consider what attachments you need with the forklift. Fork extensions can solve the problem of the standard forks not being long enough. A telescoping jib boom crane attachment can transform your forklift into an efficient small crane. A low-profile, self-dumping forklift hopper attachment provides you with the capabilities of a small dump truck, while a lifting beam attachment will help with the lifting, loading, unloading and transporting of heavy items in a warehouse.

There are many other types of forklift attachments available. Generally speaking, they each extend the capabilities of a basic forklift, transforming it into a much more versatile machine, capable of taking on the role of many different machines, simply through attaching a particular device. While it is true that in some cases using a forklift attachment is a compromise, it usually works well enough, introducing significant flexibility and versatility in an easy to use system

If you already have your own forklift, then the various attachments available can be hired on their own to significantly extend the capabilities of your machine. You can hire particular attachments only when they are needed, which could work out cheaper in the long term than buying them outright, especially if you only have an occasional need for that attachment.

Hiring a forklift with the attachments you require means you can get exactly the machine and the capabilities you need, when you need them. For example, one week you may need a robust forklift with a lifting beam attachment for work on a construction site, and the following week you may need a smaller, more compact forklift with fork extensions for warehouse work where space is tight. Planning properly and hiring only the machine and the attachments you need gives you considerable flexibility for more efficient working.

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