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Gas Forklift Hire

There are a number of things to consider when hiring a forklift, and the type of fuel used is one of the most important considerations. There are basically four different forklift fuel types: electricity, petrol, diesel and gas.

In a closed warehouse environment, electrically powered forklifts by means of a large and powerful battery are common. Petrol and diesel types both use an internal combustion engine and are best suited for outdoor work, while a gas powered forklift running on liquid petroleum gas (LPG), usually propane gas, is suitable for most indoor and all outdoor use.

Each type of forklift has its pros and cons. Gas powered forklifts tend to have slightly reduced rearward visibility, due to the positioning of the propane tank at the back of the counterweight. However, gas forklifts can be used indoors for most uses, subject to certain criteria, unlike petrol or diesel machines, and despite using modified petrol engines, they are generally much quieter in use with reduced vibration than either petrol or diesel forklifts.

If you are hiring a forklift and fuel consumption is a consideration, gas forklift hire will give you a definite edge over petrol or diesel models. They are more efficient at using fuel, which makes them cheaper to run by comparison. Of course, fuel consumption depends on the engine and forklift size and capacity. A one-ton capacity gas forklift will be cheaper to run than a six-ton model, for example. Gas cylinders are generally around 30 kilograms, and will power the forklift for several days of steady working.

If you choose gas forklift hire, you'll discover that they generally have a superior performance level to petrol, diesel or electric machines. Acceleration rates and travel speeds are noticeably faster with better response times, and because of superior power to weight ratios from an engine that responds better, lift speeds will generally outperform those of forklifts powered by other fuels.

One annoyance with gas powered forklifts is their tendency to suddenly run out of fuel with little to no warning when the bottle becomes empty. This is usually compounded by the lack of a fuel gauge, and where one is provided, it is usually on the gas bottle, which is not always visible from the driver's seat. However, this situation can be minimised if you know the expected length of time a gas bottle will last and by keeping a spare bottle close by. Larger capacity forklifts often have a dual bottle set up, which eliminates this problem.

You can expect better performance from a gas forklift, compared to most electric forklifts, where high applications and constant duty drive line torque is needed. Some electric forklifts may perform as well in this respect, but generally speaking a gas powered model performs better.

Forklifts powered by LPG propane gas are available for hire in a variety of sizes and capabilities. You can have larger all-terrain vehicles, or smaller. more compact models suited best for indoor warehouse use. Gas powered forklifts, just like petrol, diesel and electric forklifts, can also accept all available attachments.

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