KMA electric forklift sales and hire. 

Electric forklifts are environmentally friendly, very quiet, compact and adept at working in tight spaces. They are perfect for indoor work because they will not be pumping out exhaust fumes into your warehouse. The most obvious disadvantage is that they have some restrictions due to charging time required for the batteries. 
So, if your company prides itself on being “green” then certainly battery powered forklifts are the best option for you as they don’t pump out fumes containing harmful emissions. 
If your workplace is a quiet and clean environment then electric forklift trucks will fit in well. Electric forklifts tend to weigh less and are smaller than diesel ones so they are very manoeuvrable. 
Running costs are also a big plus if you recharge them overnight on a low rate tariff rate. They are definitely cheaper to run than gas or diesel powered trucks. The servicing of them is usually cheaper too as there are less moving parts and less to go wrong mechanically. 
Electric fork lifts normally just have an accelerator and brake pedal to worry about, no clutch or inching pedal so they are easier to drive. With diesels, the driver has to rev the engine for a fast lift and hill starts but that isn’t needed with an electric truck. 

Tips for when hiring an electric forklift truck 

We suggest that you give some thought to your requirements to make sure that you hire the right forklift for the job. 
Firstly, what weight will it be lifting and carrying? Make sure the one you hire is capable of doing the job you want it to do. Also there is no point in paying to hire a huge truck capable of lifting 3 or 4 times the amount of weight you will ever need it to do as you could have saved money by hiring something much smaller 
Apart from weight, is the item being lifted on pallets or flush to the floor? Depending on what you are lifting you might need some sort of attachments to aid the lift. 
Think about the height of the lift, and remember that the height multiplied by the weight can be dangerous if not calculated correctly. We can help with those calculations if you are in any doubt. 
Consider the terrain it will be used on as this will affect tyre choice and what turning circle does it have to operate within? 

How long do you need the truck for? 

Make sure you check the forklift over carefully at the start of the hire period as most hire companies will charge if there is any damage done whilst in your care. So, make sure you are in agreement as to the condition of the truck at the outset. 
Make sure you have insurance to cover the members of staff who will be operating the truck. The hire company will have the forklift insured but if the operator injures someone you will need cover. 
Always hire your electric forklift truck from a reliable, professional firm that can meet all your requirements and provide you with a first class service at a great price. 
You can also call now on 01473 657875 to discuss your requirements with our expert team today. 
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