Short Term Forklift Hire 

At KMA Forklifts, we’re committed to delivering tailored forklift hire packages to meet the every need of our customers. From one-off jobs, to contract hire solutions, you’ll find great rates on packages, whether you’re looking to hire a forklift vehicle on its own, or in search of a driver for a full-service solution. Whether you’re based in Suffolk or the surrounding areas, we’re the go-to for flexible short term forklift and driver hire, helping you achieve your project goals without spending more than you have to. 

Get Great Rates on Short Term Forklift Hire 

If you’re working to a tight budget, short term forklift hire is an ideal way of saving money. If you only need a forklift for a short portion of your project, why spend more than you have to with lengthy hire periods or cover the cost of a full purchase of a vehicle. Whether you’re looking for an all-terrain forkliftto achieve an array of tasks, or need a simple forklift hoist, we’ll talk you through every rental option available to you, providing you a tailored solution at a price that suits. 

Flexible Forklift Hire Packages 

At KMA Forklifts, we offer two main types of hire packages. Our forklift contract hire option requires customers to sign a contract in agreement with certain terms of use and storage while equipment is in their hands. Our second option, non-contracted hire, is designed for customers who aren’t looking for added options including servicing, breakdown cover and so on. Not sure how long you need a forklift for? Short term hire is probably the best solution for you. This way, you won’t be tied down to a service that mightn’t prove the best fit for your needs, allowing to switch to something more suitable without unnecessary rental costs. 

Short Term Forklift Hire – Perfect for Seasonal Peaks 

Short term forklift hire is also an ideal option for businesses undergoing sharp peaks in production, or need a little extra help in ensuring seasonal tasks are dealt with within budget and on deadline. Short term hire is also a useful option for companies experiencing downtime thanks to technical problems with their current fleet, ensuring product can keep afloat with demand until a repair is sorted or a replacement is sourced. 

Enjoy Ongoing Support and Rapid Response 

One of the great things about arranging forklift hire through KMA Forklifts is that you’ll be able to enjoy the added assurance of technical support and rapid response to any issues should they arise. With KMA, you won’t have to worry about a mechanical failure causing costly work stoppages and delays to your project timelines. If you have an issue, our team will be on site in no time at all, helping get you back on track and arrange a repair or replacement whenever required. 
If you need help arranging short term forklift hire, speak to KMA Forklifts today. Our expert team will be glad to guide you through all the options available to you, discuss pricing and availability, and ensure your operation continues to run without a hitch. 
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